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Why Venice Beach is the New Silicon Valley


If techs and startups wanted to see success, then they had to be seen in Silicon Valley. The Valley was a huge draw for all things tech. However, the phenomenal success of Silicon Valley has led to skyrocketing property prices. It is now next to impossible to purchase even a tiny home under a million dollars and rent for even the smallest apartment runs from $2,500 to $3,500 per month. This is why Venice Beach is the new Silicon Valley.

A residential community situated on the beachfront, Venice was founded in 1905 as a resort town. The independent city merged with Los Angles in 1926 and now forms a part of the area that is commonly known as Silicon Beach. So just other factors are tilting the balance towards Silicon Beach?

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Where once, the techies would never even dream of moving out of Silicon Valley for fear that they will not get job opportunities outside. Startups would not go out of the valley because they could not hire the talent needed to succeed in their business.

Now, many startups, are setting their headquarters in this beautiful neighborhood. Lemonlight Media Video Production Company decided that setting their headquarters just under a mile away from Venice Beach was the move to make, as it allowed them to be close enough to Los Angeles and Orange County. This, in turn, has allowed them to reach a wider spectrum of clients.

Many others are now setting their mark in this glorious beach town. Why are they now thronging to the Beach?

Venice Beach: The New Silicon Valley

At the three-mile sliver of land called Venice Beach, corporate headquarters of major firms are fast becoming as common as skateboards and surfboards. The transformation occurred when within a short span of time Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and YouTube opened offices in the area, and startups like Snapchat, Hulu, Buzzfeed and hundreds of others followed suit. There is a host of benefits of moving to Venice Beach.

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  • Celebrity Value: Numerous startup companies are able to use the entertainment industry to their advantage. They have successfully enticed celebrity investors.
  • Background: The lead-generation startups have a greater chance of success due to the familiarity of LA with fashion, e-commerce, and entertainment.
  • Real Estate: Prices of homes and office space are much cheaper in Los Angeles.
  • Transport: The long overdue rail connecting downtown Los Angeles and Sana Monica is nearly ready to serve riders. Furthermore, a 6.6-mile extension due to open next year will take riders all the way to the Beach.
  • Product Testing: Silicon Valley gained some bad reputation for making highly interesting apps that tempted only the younger generation and the super-rich making the apps. Such apps held little value practically. The diverse population and size of Los Angeles are a much more realistic testing ground for the start-ups of Venice Beach.

As technical giants move to Venice Beach, they bring with the power to purchase, which causes an upsurge in demand, and this, in turn, forces prices up. At the start of the year, home prices increased by more than ten percent as compared to the previous year. Area real estate experts point the finger at technical boom as being behind the escalating prices. While it is making Venice more prosperous, it is also taking something away in terms of peace, and identity of the area.

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Top Five Tips for Starting a Video Marketing Campaign

For those who are already aware of the benefits associated with video marketing, you may be thinking of launching your company’s first video marketing campaign. But having the idea to market your products and services through online videos is easier said than done, which is why we have come up with a list of the top five tips that should help you launch your first campaign. Here is a look at these tips:

  1. Resource Management

One of the most effective ways to launch a video marketing campaign is by properly managing the resources at your disposal. Far too many companies are under the impression that they need to pump thousands of dollars into these videos if they are to find any success with them.

If you have the money to spend on a marketing video, go ahead and splash the cash. But if your company is looking to market through the internet on a budget, do not blow it all on a couple of videos. Start by hiring a videographer and go from there. A top videographer should not cost more than $1000 or $200 for a week, and that is more than enough time to shoot a high quality short video that you can use for marketing purposes.

  1. What Do You Want to Say?

It is all well and good having the idea that you want to market your products or services through videos. But you need to have more specifics if you want your videos to succeed. What aspect of your products or services do you want to promote? What story do you want to tell with your video? Every video has its purpose, and you must find the purpose of yours before you start shooting it.

  1. People Matter

While it is very effective to explain how a product works, or how a customer can benefit from a particular service, it is also beneficial to provide a human face to your company. Whether the video features the company’s owner speaking about the virtues of their business, or it features various employees talking about the process of making a certain product, adding a human touch can really help create connection with your customer base.

  1. Short and Sweet

While longer videos do gain plenty of traction on websites such as YouTube, video marketing content should remain as short as possible. You may want to create a series of five and ten-minute videos to promote your various products, but you can do the job a lot more effectively if you cut down the size of these videos to one or two minutes at the most.

  1. Call to Action

When the video ends, do not let it end with a blank screen. A customer should not feel confused or conflicted at the end of the video. Make sure to include a call to action that prompts the customer to take the next step in researching your company. Whether you are encouraging them to visit your site, subscribe to your YouTube channel or buy a product, include the call to action at the end of your video.